See you later Mommy!

You know your kids is tired of being home everyday with Mommy when this happens:

“Bye Mommy.”

“Bye Daddy.”

“I have my lunch.  I go to school.  See you later.”

Says my almost 2 year old as he heads to the back door in his Batman pajamas with a tin lunchbox he found.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out Xavi!


But on a more serious note, not only is his vocabulary amazing, but his pretend skills are up to par with my 4 year old (who, in case you don’t know this, has Autism).  I know I should not compare kids, but Xavi’s development blows my mind!  It is probably typical, but to us, who only know Jaylen, it is wild.  Every once in a while we get some pretend play from Jaylen, more lately, but Xavi just gets it.  And at 2 Jaylen was still not saying anything except a few mumbles only my husband, sister, and I understood.

So as not to end on a down on Jaylen note, I will add that by 2 he could already identify every letter of the alphabet, numbers through 20, count by 100’s, and complete a shape sorter in .5 seconds.  And Xavi still doesn’t yet know his colors.  I have 2 very, very different kids.  And I love it!


Did he shoot his eye out?

You know your kid was screaming way too loud when…

You walk into the waiting room of your son’s eye doctor’s office and everyone turns and looks at you and your two kids with a look of horror.

As you slowly drop all 5 bags you needed to bring, filled with enough snacks and toys to last 2 1/2 days, you can see people looking your son over for injuries.

Surely the ophthalmologist must have poked his eye with a hot rod of iron!

He must have taken one of his eyes out!

The number one or number two machine must have fallen on the child severing a limb!

No folks, nothing of the sort.  He simply dilated his eyes.  Yep, 6 eye drops, the doctor, a nurse, and I holding him down.  But every 6 months it gets a little easier.  We’ve been doing this since he was 10 months old and he’s turning 4 so it’s getting pretty old.