12 eyes

Well, the JCPenney portrait studio people are gonna be pissed this year.  They will have a hell of a time fighting with the glare coming off our family shots.  3 of us are 4 eyes now.

We had no idea just how bad his eyesight was.  He recently started squinting, which gave it away.

We all would sit on the couch to watch TV and he would sit in his own little folding chair right next to the screen.  Him needing to be this close to the TV, and considering his brother is almost blind, we decided to get his eyes checked.  Sure enough, he has severe myopia like Jaylen and I.

It is amazing to watch him adjust to being able to see.  For two days now he has been looking at everything, even me, differently.  He walks around saying, “oh my gosh, oh look at this.”

The day Xavi got his first pair of glasses, age 2
The day Jaylen got his first pair of glasses, age 2