Is that your Ear Tube?

You know your life is “A” Typical when this happens at Walmart (of all places):

Me: “Alright guys, you can each pick a box of fruit snacks.”

Xavi: “Dora!”

Jaylen: “Mom, what’s this?  It just came from my ear.”

As I look up from the floor, since the fruit snacks are on the lowest shelf and I am hunched down there, Jaylen hands me something brown.

Me:  “Eww, I don’t know.  Oh wait, that is your ear tube stuck in the middle of a ton of wax.  Hmmm, the doctor said one of them was white.”


Anyone else’s kid have tubes?  Jaylen had massive fevers and ear infections for 2 months straight and had tubes put in at 14 months (2007).
 Pissed Toddler Pre-Op
Then a blood clot surrounded one so we had to redo it at 16 months (2008).
 Happy Toddler Pre-Op (has no idea what’s coming)
For years he has had one bright green tube and one white tube.  Now he has none.