Sweater Vests!

If I just titled this Happy Holidays, no one would come see.  I’m a sucker for a sweater vest and love the boys’ in these pictures.

My favorites are the staging shots and the outtakes.  If you had any idea how angry my husband got during these!  And we don’t have a good camera so the quality stinks.  But enjoy!

I am officially unplugging for a while!

Happy Holidays!

Only 51 Days Till Christmas!!!

As I sipped my morning coffee yesterday I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this:

Thank goodness!
I still have 51 days to get teacher and therapist gifts, wrap everything, make cookies, buy groceries for Christmas dinner and a week of guests, get a few last minute family presents and…
What, oh, Jaylen just mixed the 1 and the 5?  So you’re saying I have only 15 days left?  I gotta go…