Only 51 Days Till Christmas!!!

As I sipped my morning coffee yesterday I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this:

Thank goodness!
I still have 51 days to get teacher and therapist gifts, wrap everything, make cookies, buy groceries for Christmas dinner and a week of guests, get a few last minute family presents and…
What, oh, Jaylen just mixed the 1 and the 5?  So you’re saying I have only 15 days left?  I gotta go…

Is that your Ear Tube?

You know your life is “A” Typical when this happens at Walmart (of all places):

Me: “Alright guys, you can each pick a box of fruit snacks.”

Xavi: “Dora!”

Jaylen: “Mom, what’s this?  It just came from my ear.”

As I look up from the floor, since the fruit snacks are on the lowest shelf and I am hunched down there, Jaylen hands me something brown.

Me:  “Eww, I don’t know.  Oh wait, that is your ear tube stuck in the middle of a ton of wax.  Hmmm, the doctor said one of them was white.”


Anyone else’s kid have tubes?  Jaylen had massive fevers and ear infections for 2 months straight and had tubes put in at 14 months (2007).
 Pissed Toddler Pre-Op
Then a blood clot surrounded one so we had to redo it at 16 months (2008).
 Happy Toddler Pre-Op (has no idea what’s coming)
For years he has had one bright green tube and one white tube.  Now he has none.

He. Is. Vaccinated.

We shall NOT go into the debate folks.

I just had to share that Jaylen had not had all his vaccines until just now.  I do not think vaccines caused his Autism.  He does not have regressive Autism, he was definitely born different; having classic Autism.  But I did decide to delay some vaccines just because.  I had to trust my mommy gut there.

But he had to have a few things in order to continue school, which made it a no brainer.  And when the Dr. asked if we should just catch him up on another I said OK.  It was hard for me.  Very hard.  But I rationalized that I have not heard any stories of kids regressing as late as 4.  If you have, please let me know!

He did very well getting the shots and I watched him like crazy.  I told myself that if he woke up the next day and could no longer talk I would never forgive myself.  But so far, so good!


See you later Mommy!

You know your kids is tired of being home everyday with Mommy when this happens:

“Bye Mommy.”

“Bye Daddy.”

“I have my lunch.  I go to school.  See you later.”

Says my almost 2 year old as he heads to the back door in his Batman pajamas with a tin lunchbox he found.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out Xavi!


But on a more serious note, not only is his vocabulary amazing, but his pretend skills are up to par with my 4 year old (who, in case you don’t know this, has Autism).  I know I should not compare kids, but Xavi’s development blows my mind!  It is probably typical, but to us, who only know Jaylen, it is wild.  Every once in a while we get some pretend play from Jaylen, more lately, but Xavi just gets it.  And at 2 Jaylen was still not saying anything except a few mumbles only my husband, sister, and I understood.

So as not to end on a down on Jaylen note, I will add that by 2 he could already identify every letter of the alphabet, numbers through 20, count by 100’s, and complete a shape sorter in .5 seconds.  And Xavi still doesn’t yet know his colors.  I have 2 very, very different kids.  And I love it!