One Size Fits All?

Did anyone say, “Distract him!” to you when your baby or toddler was crying? 

I heard that one.  A lot.

I did as they recommended and sang.  I took their advice and I built a tower and knocked it down.  I listened when they suggested I sing and dance and act like a clown to get my son to stop crying, screaming, and tantrumming.  It didn’t work.

Now that I have a neurotypical child I realize for a lot of kids distraction does work.  If Xavi is crying or being a brat I can usually distract him with a song or a flashy toy.  I can feign excitement over the littlest thing and get him to relax.

That wasn’t the case with Jaylen.  He couldn’t be distracted.  In fact, he still can’t be distracted.  He has laser focus on what he wants, when he wants.

I’ve talked before about people not passing judgment or acting as if every one’s situation is the same.  Being a special needs mom has completely opened my eyes to the reality that each child is different.  What works for one probably won’t may not work for another. When I was a teacher, not a parent yet, I didn’t understand or grasp this concept.

My advice for new parents, listen to others suggestions, but remember that you know your child better than anyone else.  If you try something, even something widely used and accepted, and it doesn’t work, then move on. To each his own.

This is my favorite picture ever of Jaylen, “Wait…What?!”


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