I am Published!

If you buy this book, which you really should, go to page 179 (total coincidence that is my birth month and year January 1979) and read “The Suspense is Killing Me!”  Yes, that’s right, my work in a published book.

Wit and Wisdom is perfect for any parents of special needs kids, especially those on the spectrum.  Parents of newly diagnosed kids will find this different than every other Autism book out there.  What we have is a compilation of essays from some of the best storytellers I know, who also happen to be parents of kids on the spectrum.  Teachers, therapists, educators, and anyone else who works with kids with Autism will get joy, understanding, and information from this book.

So where can you get your copy?  At Amazon or just click on the link right there to the right.

Thank you to my good friends Lynn and Big Daddy for putting this together!  What an awesome project.

Also, I was recently hired to be somewhat of a reporter for a local news website.  So far, I haven’t begun, but I will be taking on assignments soon.  I will definitely provide links once I start!

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