I almost punched out a 65 year old lady at a Chinese restaurant

My mom took me and the boys out for dinner at a small hole in the wall Chinese place.  As we were finishing, the boys started getting a little loud so we agreed that she would stay and get the leftovers boxed, pay for the meal (moms are so good for that), and meet us at my car.

I was 3 steps from the door when a lady looks at me and then my kids and says,

“Those kids are too loud.  I mean, they are really loud.”

The woman behind her rolled her eyes and gave me the, “yes you are clear to tear this woman a new one,” look.

So I say, “Of course they are loud, they are children, just as you said.”

“Yes, but these children are really loud.”

“Well what do you expect?  They are children.  And we are leaving.”

“I am a teacher and these children are really loud.” (In case you weren’t counting that is the 3rd time she said the same exact thing)

“I am a teacher too.”

“Well that’s great.”

I turn to go, but just couldn’t.

“Do you have children of your own?”

“Yes.  And THOSE children (pointing to my 2) are really loud.”  (Yep, number 4)

“Listen lady, Karma’s a bitch. You need to watch out.” (Oh yeah, I was in threat mode by this point.)

She just nodded her head.  I walked out….AND THEN WALKED BACK IN!  I just couldn’t leave without really blowing this lady up.

“Do you happen to teach any kids with special needs?”

“Yes, I have 400 students and deal with all types of special needs.”

“Well one of those little boys happens to have Autism, have you heard of that?”

“Oh, yes.” (I am looking right in her eye and she is avoiding my gaze)

“So maybe you should learn to use a little f***ing discretion from now on and watch what you say.”

And then I leaned in close and actually called her a b****.  Yep.  I did it. Anger management issues anyone? Good thing is that my mom, who is somewhat of a saint, did not think I was in the wrong.  She couldn’t believe that lady either.  I mean, we were leaving because I knew my kids were getting loud.  What more did she want?

Truth is, neither of my boys were being loud because of special needs, maybe a tiny bit could be attributed to ADHD and sensory overload.  But all in all, they were just being kids.  So this kind of thing probably happens to all parents, unless your kids are perfect, in which case you should stop reading this because I hate you and you are not welcome here.

Come on people, stop judging others.  Are two little boys making noise in a restaurant for 3 minutes really so bothersome you have to be rude and insult my parenting and my kids?  Get over yourself lady.  If you want everyone around you to behave in the way you dictate, then stay the f*** home.

This has been deep thoughts, the real truthful kind, by Jean Myles.

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