He. Is. Vaccinated.

We shall NOT go into the debate folks.

I just had to share that Jaylen had not had all his vaccines until just now.  I do not think vaccines caused his Autism.  He does not have regressive Autism, he was definitely born different; having classic Autism.  But I did decide to delay some vaccines just because.  I had to trust my mommy gut there.

But he had to have a few things in order to continue school, which made it a no brainer.  And when the Dr. asked if we should just catch him up on another I said OK.  It was hard for me.  Very hard.  But I rationalized that I have not heard any stories of kids regressing as late as 4.  If you have, please let me know!

He did very well getting the shots and I watched him like crazy.  I told myself that if he woke up the next day and could no longer talk I would never forgive myself.  But so far, so good!


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