Sweater Vests!

If I just titled this Happy Holidays, no one would come see.  I’m a sucker for a sweater vest and love the boys’ in these pictures.

My favorites are the staging shots and the outtakes.  If you had any idea how angry my husband got during these!  And we don’t have a good camera so the quality stinks.  But enjoy!

I am officially unplugging for a while!

Happy Holidays!

My New Car and Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

I can’t believe there are only 6 more days until Christmas!  What happened?  Good thing we got our tree and put up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving or we wouldn’t have had time to enjoy them.

Our focus this year, gift wise, was on the boys, getting them a few toys, but mostly things that will last.  Our house is so filled with toys, most of which get played with every now and then, but are tossed aside.  This year they will get Karate gear and activities they will use over and over.

And for us?  Gerald is taking a trip to a huge music convention/trade show in January, and I got…drum roll please…A New Car!   We had been talking about upgrading our smaller sporty car,  which Gerald loved, to an SUV or Mini van.  Sadly, we got word on Wednesday that fixing an engine problem in that car would cost a fortune, almost as much as the car was worth.  So we went car shopping and SURPRISE, we got a great deal on a Honda Odyssey.

It is my first new car ever and the smell is awesome!  The boys love it, especially Jaylen.  He can’t stop talking about the sliding doors and the fact it seats 7.  I look back in this thing and it is like an entire room, the kids can get up and walk around in it.  We could live in it if we got lost in a forest for some absurd reason.

Speaking of surprises, here is a video that will make you smile.  The bystanders in this one are all surprised by holiday cheer and I hope you enjoy it.  I am not a huge youtube fan but this one made me smile, a lot.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Only 51 Days Till Christmas!!!

As I sipped my morning coffee yesterday I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this:

Thank goodness!
I still have 51 days to get teacher and therapist gifts, wrap everything, make cookies, buy groceries for Christmas dinner and a week of guests, get a few last minute family presents and…
What, oh, Jaylen just mixed the 1 and the 5?  So you’re saying I have only 15 days left?  I gotta go…

Is that your Ear Tube?

You know your life is “A” Typical when this happens at Walmart (of all places):

Me: “Alright guys, you can each pick a box of fruit snacks.”

Xavi: “Dora!”

Jaylen: “Mom, what’s this?  It just came from my ear.”

As I look up from the floor, since the fruit snacks are on the lowest shelf and I am hunched down there, Jaylen hands me something brown.

Me:  “Eww, I don’t know.  Oh wait, that is your ear tube stuck in the middle of a ton of wax.  Hmmm, the doctor said one of them was white.”


Anyone else’s kid have tubes?  Jaylen had massive fevers and ear infections for 2 months straight and had tubes put in at 14 months (2007).
 Pissed Toddler Pre-Op
Then a blood clot surrounded one so we had to redo it at 16 months (2008).
 Happy Toddler Pre-Op (has no idea what’s coming)
For years he has had one bright green tube and one white tube.  Now he has none.