Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anxiety in Children

Today I have an article featured at Special-Ism, a site filled with great information for special needs parents. 

Here is a little taste:

I wish I could say that is the end of my post, he is doing fine and all is well.  The truth is, after Christmas break, after Jaylen spent two weeks at home with me, giving him almost undivided attention and coddling, transitioning back into a normal routine was hard.  There were days his teacher said she would see him quietly crying at his cubby because he couldn’t find his snack and was too anxious to ask.  He would stand outside his classroom if the door was closed and he couldn’t open it, instead of asking for help.  He got one wrong on a math test, he normally gets 100% as math is a huge strength for him, and he cried so hard he almost threw up.  His teacher had to send him to the nurse and his math test was so soaked with tears the teacher had to throw it away.

Now head over to Special-Ism and read the rest!