Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brotherly Love of the Autism Kind

"I always thought Jaylen would remain in a shell and Xavier would be left without a companion, but instead their worlds intersect a lot.  As a baby, Jaylen's therapists were so concerned over how he could spend hours in his own little world, filling and dumping buckets of toys, watching water pour out of a hose, and spinning to Maroon 5 tunes (I know, it was as unbearable as you'd think.  The most sadistic torture has nothing on being forced to listen to that guy for hours everyday).   Jaylen never seemed to notice or care when I got upset, my husband and I fought, or if we were trying to include him in play.  Xavi is the complete opposite, a personable, always in your face 2 year old." 

That is a sneak peek of my featured post over at The Squashed Bologna.  To read more, head over to Varda's innovative series Special Needs Siblings Saturdays (SNSS).