Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts Special Needs Blog Hop

1. My son actually said "sure thing" when I asked him to do something last night.  I was kinda freaked out, but then later saw Dino Dan tell his mom that on TV.  Phew, just echolalia, not a sudden influx of new language and politeness...that would be scary. 

2. Reading Dani's random thoughts about all the teacher and therapist gifts she finished made me realize I hadn't even thought of that yet.  Now I am going to get diarrhea. 

3.  It just took me about 36 minutes to figure out how to add the list of other participants to this post.  That is called technologically challenged, especially since it clearly say, "Get the code here." 
4. I miss blogging.  This really is what I'd love to spend more time on.  

5. I have entered a ton of blog and online giveaways in the past two weeks and I better win some stuff.  Good stuff.