Monday, December 28, 2009

Attention Shoppers: We lost the LOVEY!!!

Xavi always sleeps with his lovey!

Xavier's lovey is gone! He ALWAYS has his little blue doggy head blanket and we somehow lost it.  I know we left the house to grocery shop with it, but we didn't have it when we returned.

I ran back to the store and was looking under cars in the parking lot, asked at the customer service counter, went up and down the aisles, but no luck.  I left my name and number with them so we'll see if it turns up.

When I got home from looking at the store my husband came over quickly and looked me up and down to see if I had it.  And when he saw I didn't he said, "this is a sad sad day in the Myles house."  Xavi is asleep without it right now so we'll see.  Hopefully I won't be up all night! He carries is everywhere, feels on it all day long, chews on it, cuddles with it, covers his head with it when he sleeps... sigh...


TwentySomethingMomma said...

Poor little man! Losing a lovey can go both ways, though - it can end up being devastating, or it can end up being the only way your child will learn to sleep without it.

Good luck tonight - I'm hoping Xavier will get along just fine without it, for your sake!

Jen said...

I am a good bit older than Xavier and still haven't forgotten when I lost mine! I hope he is doing ok. Jen

Taz said...

Button lost his purple bunny a few months ago, and I think I miss it more than he does. In fact, he handled it very well! Hope he finds a replacement soon.

Kaylen said...

Sad!!! I hope it goes well.
It's really a hard thing to get over....the losing of the lovey. My son and I have his lovey tucked away in a box and anytime we stumble upon it, he likes to pull it out and hold it and talk about how much he loved it.

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Thanks for the support ladies! He actually has been doing ok. I got a back up lovey. Even though you are right that it is probably a good reason to get rid of it altogether, but oh well, he's still a baby to me (my youngest so will always be my baby).

The new lovey does not have a rattle in the head and does not have a doggy head but a bear head. And he definitely notices the missing rattle and can't stroke the long doggy ears. But all in all, he is doing ok.

Niks La Mode. said...

AWwwww such a beautiful family! I am a new follower!!! :)

Will be back am also a follower now ! :)!!!

Happy New Year!

lonestar said...

Aww, poor baby!

I know the feeling... with our boys it is/was sippy cups. Our older boys have long since outgrown them but Bitty is still attached to his. Losing it or having to break in a new one because he chewed the old one to oblivion - stressful for him and everyone around him!

It sounds like your little guy is handling it well, I'm glad to hear that!

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